Nitronic Rush

This week, Nitronic Rush gave us some bright lights and crazy stunts as we raced against the clock.  Grab the game for free here.

Episode 003 – Nitronic Rush

“Nitronic Rush is an experimental survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Using the car’s many abilities (including boost, wings, and jump), avoid obstacles that the city throws at you. In many ways the game is a tribute to racing games of the 1990′s, but with fresh graphics, audio, and gameplay.”

– Good well-fitting music
– Cool level designs that allowed the player to interact with the environment
– All around enjoyable to play
– Flying ability was too forgiving
– Some quirky physics in certain places
– No real storyline/short main story

Ratings, next week’s game and second half talking points after the jump.

Nate: 9
Chris: 7
Super Budget Brothers: 8

Game for next week – Space Trader: Merchant Marine

In today’s second half, we discuss plenty of games, and Nate proclaims his love for Tron:


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