“Eets may have a cute outer-shell, but its Lemmings meets The Incredible Machine gameplay, crazy characters and increasingly tricky puzzles quickly sucks in even the most seasoned player. Play over a hundred unique puzzles that ship with the game, and come to our community to download over 200 fan-made levels and crazy solution replays!”

Pick up the game here.

– Very easy to pick up and play
– Good learning curve
– Creative and inventive world

– Items are illogical/unintuitive
– Art style seems to blend together at some points
– Timing related puzzles can be frustrating

Ratings, next week’s game and second half talking points after the jump.

Chris: 8
Nathan: 6
Super Budget Brothers: 7

2nd Half games/topics:
League of Legends, Heroes 3, Borderlands (spoilers), Trials HD, The Binding of Isaac, Deadspace 2 (very minor early-game spoilers), Katamari: Forever, Tribes: Ascend

Next week’s game:  Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

How to contact the Super Budget Brothers:
Our website –
Email us –
Follow us on Twitter – @supbudbros

Special thanks to Musim for our opening and break music.


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