Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse

“Red Eclipse is a single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward a balanced gameplay, completely at the control of map makers, while maintaining a general theme of agility in a variety of environments.”

Pick the game up here.

– Free and open-source
– Huge amount of fun mutators and game modes
– Mobility options are amazing

– Not many people online
– Graphics are a bit dated, but still functional and easy on the eyes
– No tutorial

Ratings, next week’s game and contact information after the jump.

Cam: 10
Chris: 10
Nathan: 10
Super Budget Brothers: 10

Next week’s game:  Hydra Castle Labyrinth

How to contact the Super Budget Brothers:
Our website –
Email us –
Follow us on Twitter – @supbudbros


2 thoughts on “Red Eclipse

  1. Hi guys, my name is Quinton Reeves, Lead Developer of the Red Eclipse project. I found your review via my Google Alerts, and I am glad you liked our game! I must admit, I did dig around your site a bit to see if you were always so generous with your reviews and I must say it is a bit of an ego boost to find out that you aren’t always so forgiving.

    I’m sorry to hear you had so much trouble finding people to play with online, unfortunately we are a young project with limited public exposure at the moment, something we hope will change in the future as we mature. That being said, we find that the online population varies depending on the time of day. Quite often we have around 15 to 20 players online, but this is typically during my late night hours (I am Australian). If I had known you were playing, my partner and I probably would’ve come on for a frag with you!

    With regards to some of the criticism you have posed about the project, I must thank you for taking such an in-depth look at the game and actually providing something constructive, rather than just saying it was trash or that it looked like arse. Even though I am supposed to be doing a new release right at this very moment, I have taken the time to implement a fix to your biggest peeve before I push it out the door: players will now be ghosts in time trial, so you won’t collide with them anymore. This will be in the next release which, as I said, I am in the process of putting out right now; I hope this makes it that much more fun for you.

    I loved your review, and I will admit I had a smile on my face the entire time I listened to it. I have indeed taken the best elements from other games, like Unreal Tournament, and attempted to add my own little twists on it to make it even more fun; it is always nice when people notice and appreciate that, then comment just how fun the experience is. I make this game because it is the type of game that I personally want to play, and I do. I have long since yearned for something like this so I taught myself everything I needed to know to make it happen.

    We have a small, and as you have noticed, very passionate community who have helped me come up with all the various little bits and pieces of gameplay that make it so dynamic. Sometimes I wonder if all the options I provide are a little bit overwhelming, but in the end I think what matters is that people are having fun and we don’t get in their face too much with useless options. I have tried to balance it out so that it is easy to pick up, but always evolving in how you master it. I want people of all types to walk away saying, “This was fun.” – your review lets me know I am on the right track there, so thanks 🙂

    • Welcome to our little slice of the internet, Quinton! It’s rare that we hear from a developer, and quite a pleasure when we do.

      Your game has by far been my favorite, and I believe the favorite of all of the brothers in our 35 episodes. I’m glad to hear that you wanted to take everything you loved about other games and added splashes of what you felt was missing. It really does show through the gameplay and feel of the whole experience.

      To be honest with you, I did feel a bit bad mentioning even our little bits of criticism against such a fantastic game. The comments regarding the aesthetics weren’t even meant as any real negatives, but rather as a note for our listeners who may only play games with the shiniest graphics. Personally, I love how it looks now and hope that it doesn’t change much.

      Since I read about you implementing ghosts for time trials, I haven’t stopped grinning like a fool. Having a suggesting that we’ve made implemented into your game is, if you’ll forgive how cheesy it sounds, an honor. I haven’t personally had the chance to experience the thrill of running through someone blocking my perfect racing line yet, but you can bet on me wasting plenty of time doing so in the near future. My only hope is that your players can forgive us for delaying your most recent release!

      I have my fingers crossed that our podcast will give you a bit more exposure and grow your loyal fan base. All of the brothers are in MST, so playing together may be a bit difficult, but keep an eye out for Warkthogus (Nathan), Juscuz (Cameron), and Skwetzledwarf (Chris). Believe me, you’ll be seeing more of us.

      Again, thanks for writing in Quinton. Keep up the excellent work!

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