Listen to the episode here.

“A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros. with a focus on perfectly imitating the feel the 1985 classic gave us. Then give Mario a portal gun, add puzzle game mechanics from Portal and there you go. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, play 4-player coop, with everyone having their own Portal gun!”

Pick the game up here.

– It’s Mario with Portal guns.  Seriously.
– Everything is very customizable
– A myriad of new and clever levels

– A few finicky hitbox issues
– No explanation or tutorial
– Portals feel useless on original Mario levels

Ratings, next week’s game and contact information after the jump.

Chris: 9
Cam: 9
Nathan: 9
Super Budget Brothers: 9

Next week’s game: Zaboodles

How to contact the Super Budget Brothers:
Our website –
Email us –
Follow us on Twitter – @supbudbros


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