Minicast 002 – What’cha been playin’?

Listen to the episode here.

Well, Cam’s had issues installing this week’s game and Chris abandoned the podcast to punch small children in the noggin (probably).  Since Nathan is the only semi-reliable brother (see below), we’re doing a little “what’cha been playin’” episode.  We will return to our regularly scheduled program next week.

Head’s up:  Nathan made a boo-boo and said a slightly naughty “D” word referencing male genitalia.  It’s only once, but it totally happened.  He will be summarily punished, and the transgression will not reoccur if he hopes to live.

Cam’s recently played The Binding of Isaac, Bioshock, Terraria, Super Meat Boy
Nate’s recently played Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, Terraria, Dark Souls, Antichamber, The Walking Dead


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