Listen to the episode here.

“In Perspective, the player has two modes of control: a first person camera moving in 3D space, and an avatar that is constrained to the 2D world. In order to get the 2D avatar to the goal at the end of the level, the 3D player needs to move around in 3D space to create paths for the 2D avatar.”

Pick the game up here.

– Moving platforms sometimes have slight collision oddities
– Compatibility issues
– Some puzzle rooms seem a bit too easy

– Seriously, this game’s amazing

Ratings, next week’s game and contact information after the jump.

Cam: 10
Nathan: 10
Super Budget Brothers: 10

Next week’s game: Uberleben

Where to find the Super Budget Brothers:
Our website –
Email us –
Follow us on Twitter – @supbudbros
iTunes – Super Budget Brothers


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