Arena of Heroes

Listen to the episode here.

“The Arena of Heroes is where the battle for the Galaxy takes place. Two sides of up to 2 players (Guardians) select heroes and do everything they can to destroy the enemy base. Each team consists of 4 heroes.”

Pick the game up here.

– By far the friendliest and most accessible MOBA we have found for beginners
– Asynchronous or live matches ensure that you will always have time for a game
– Veterans we encountered had generally positive and helpful attitudes towards new players

– Lack of tactically useful information without extensive menu navigation
– Gratuitous slow-motion pans for deaths and match beginnings
– Opponents often surrender after only a few unfavorable turns resulting in short, meaningless games

Ratings, next week’s game and contact information after the jump.

Chris: 7
Cam: 7
Nathan: 8
Super Budget Brothers: 7

Next week’s game: Fat Wizard

Where to find the Super Budget Brothers:
Our website –
Email us –
iTunes – Super Budget Brothers


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