A Dark Room

Listen to the episode here.

“The Room is where the player begins their quest. Over time, the room becomes a central hub for supplies and resources.”

Play the game here.

– Simple economic gameplay that turns into ascii adventuring awesomeness
– Story told through gameplay and events rather than through narration
– Free, browser-based, and open-source

– Certain crucial gameplay elements are left unexplained
– Managing your villagers and inventory can be tedious
– Game ends with a whimper

Ratings, next week’s game and contact information after the jump.

Chris: 8
Cam: 8
Nathan: 8
Super Budget Brothers: 8

Next week’s game: Eyes – The Horror Game

Where to find the Super Budget Brothers:
Our website – superbudgetbrothers.com
Email us – fans@superbudgetbrothers.com
iTunes – Super Budget Brothers


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